Commercial construction projects undertaken and completed successfully with the high quality and timely performance expected by our Clients lie in the sectors of office buildings and retail projects. However, DGC management and Engineers, with their vast experience and expertise, have completed projects within their specialized sectors, each within their own right and throughout their career for which DGC can undertake and achieve the same success.

  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping malls and retail centers
  • Hotels
  • Banks


Educational projects undertaken and successfully executed by our team showcase the same level of commitment to excellence and timely delivery that our clients expect. DGC's management and educational experts, drawing upon their extensive experience and specialized knowledge, have led projects ranging from school infrastructure development to innovative learning environment designs. Our dedication to achieving success in educational ventures is evident in the seamless execution of projects, demonstrating the proficiency and competence of DGC in meeting the unique challenges within the education sector. Whether it's constructing state-of-the-art classrooms, implementing cutting-edge technology in educational spaces, or developing comprehensive learning facilities, DGC is poised to excel in various educational project domains.


DGC has a experienced specialize in healthcare building construction. For decades, we have built spaces and healing environments that serve patients well as they seek care. From hospitals to clinics, pharmacies to surgical suites, catheterization labs, we've built that.

Hotels & Entertainment

We pride ourselves on our Projects turnkey capabilities:

  • Managing bid processes and contract negotiations.
  • Managing operators.
  • Setting up logistics, inventories and controls processes.
  • Execution of construction and field administration activities.
  • Commissioning and maintenance works.


Institutional projects embarked upon and triumphantly executed by our team epitomize the identical commitment to excellence and prompt delivery that our clients anticipate. DGC's management and seasoned professionals, leveraging their extensive experience and specialized knowledge, have spearheaded projects across the institutional spectrum. From the construction of government buildings to the establishment of government laboratories, museums and heritage projects. DGC has consistently delivered projects with precision and distinction. The team's unwavering dedication to achieving success in institutional endeavors is evident in the flawless execution of projects, underscoring the proficiency and competence of DGC in navigating the distinctive challenges within the institutional sector. Whether it involves constructing state-of-the-art governmental facilities, integrating advanced technology in institutional spaces, or creating comprehensive infrastructure, DGC is well-positioned to excel in various institutional project domains, upholding the high standards that characterize our successful track record in commercial construction.


From opulent palaces and luxurious villas to stylish apartments and serene beach houses, the distinguished DGC name has been consistently recommended and passed on from one satisfied client to another. This word-of-mouth endorsement has played a pivotal role in establishing a portfolio of high-quality living spaces. Such organic growth is a testament to DGC's unwavering commitment to excellence and prioritization of our clients' needs above all else.


DGC presently stands as the preeminent force in sports construction within the state of Qatar, exemplified by the successful execution of the World Aquatic Swimming Championship. The completion of this prestigious event occurred well in advance of the scheduled timeline across all venues. The realization of sports projects necessitates profound collaboration with End-Users, Subcontractors, Government agencies, marketing teams, and other stakeholders—a synergy that DGC has mastered. This proficiency is rooted in the wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise cultivated across diverse domains of construction, planning, and management throughout the years.

We operate with total transparency and collaboration and ensure our clients have complete access during all stages of construction.


Civil engineers undertake a variety of projects related to construction. Building construction projects, structural projects, highway, road construction projects, transportation projects, etc. Transportation projects are related to public constructions that focus on building new connectivity in public transportation. To improve and maintain existing transport facilities also falls under the domain of transportation projects. Some of its objectives include planning, evaluation, designing, development, finance, construction, reconstruction, demolition, rehabilitation, improvement, acquisition, operation, and maintenance. As per the law, all transport projects are authorized to the construction firm that permits them to change the land area meant for public use.