Safety & Quality

Integrated Management System Policy for QHS&E

DGC continues to implement Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management systems with the active participation and cooperation of its employees, observing the latest ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 standards.

Our managers implement our Integrated Management System (IMS) as a modus operandi across all company activities with a steadfast goal of achieving excellence. Quality and safety reviews and improvements are carried out systematically and rigorously in order to maintain the effectiveness of the IMS. This is achieved by enforcing Performance Metrics with firm targets on each and every process of our projects' life cycles. Monitoring and subsequent corrective actions are implemented with emphasis on the following:

  • Safety and protection of the environment.
  • Economic and efficient working methods.
  • Compliance with applicable statutory regulations, codes of practice, contractual obligations, client specifications, in addition to professional industry standards.
  • Adherence to programs and budgets.
  • Introduction of improvements through the upgrading of policies and the IMS, evaluation and review levels, training; in addition to implementing procedural changes where required.

Our deep-rooted belief in increasing client satisfaction by means of increased productivity and the implementation of effective QHSE systems supports our leading role in delivering prestigious and vital projects throughout the region where we operate.

DGC's unwavering principles and practices shall remain as follows:

  • Not to allow at anytime an unsafe act or condition to take place.
  • To react and rectify deviances immediately.
  • To be a leader in protecting the environment for existing and future generations.
  • To exceed client expectations.
  • To uphold the highest targets of quality and to get things done right from the onset.

Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E)

DGC health, safety and environment (HS&E) protection, in every aspect of work, is deep-rooted in the work culture of staff members.

Aside from being technically competent, our HS&E personnel have an operations background who understand systems and processes and have a strong service ethic.

DGC, an ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 certified company in HS&E, strives to establish a high level of awareness and discipline amongst its culturally diverse personnel. This diversity often presents real communication challenges that require HS&E leaders to use honed communications skills, provide clear and user-friendly training and reference documentation. But most of all, that they be passionate about coaching, monitoring, and managing relationships with stakeholders.

Our HS&E policy incorporated into our Integrated Management System Policy is to take all necessary steps to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for our employees, both through training and by issuing specific preventative instructions throughout project duration.

DGC onsite safety includes the availability of professional medical services, with equipped medical centre staffed by doctors, nurses and ambulances.

We believe that safety supersedes schedule, cost or circumstance. Every accident is preventable. Everyone should be safe.

Quality Assurance

DGC construction and engineering services focus on clients' requirements, and we maintain long-term relationships with clients and partners by bringing value and lasting impact through quality and expertise in our selected markets.

Our mission is to supply the highest quality of service in a timely and cost effective manner, thus allowing our clients to effectively complete their commitments and achieve their aspirations.

We gained ISO 9001:2000 certification for Quality Management system in 2003, later upgraded to 2008 and ISO 9001:2015 Standard. We are among the first few contracting companies in Qatar to be compliant to the latest ISO 2015 version .

Our corporate Quality Assurance (QA) manual provides detailed processes and procedures for guidance and monitoring.

Quality assurance plans are adapted and implemented on each individual project, covering all aspects of work in order to fulfill contract conditions. This ensures integration within the company's QA system and allows for greater control in implementation. QA plans generally include the following:

  • Project organization structures
  • Coordination and operational processes and procedures
  • Authority and responsibility matrices
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

DGC follows an external and internal audit timetable to ensure established objectives are achieved and key performance indicators are monitored. Corrective and preventive measures are also periodically reviewed and improved in order to validate their effectiveness.

DGC endorses benchmarking amongst its employees to promote the sharing of experiences, to initiate improvement projects and support risk awareness and mitigation measures.


Our aspiration for a sustainable future is reflected in our commitment to innovation at work. How we deliver projects to our clients matters as much as what we deliver.

By introducing changes to the way in which we design, source and build, we are able to conserve natural resources more efficiently. We are also able to generate more valuable social and economic opportunities for people, businesses and societies while delivering greater cost benefits to our clients.

DGC's sustainability efforts are demonstrated on construction projects and inside its offices where proper waste management, recycling, reduce and reuse of materials are standard practices championed by all staff members.

Efficient use of water and energy, the limiting of printed material, and the adoption of paperless customs are also important contributions.

It is worth noting that the award of 4-Star GSAS certification, at the Khalifa Stadium project was an achievement in recognition of the leading sustainability practices in design, construction and operation to minimize ecological footprint. This has been partly demonstrated in the cooling of this venue which is based on an energy recovery system that reduces energy consumption, as well as the fitting of energy-efficient lighting systems and plumbing fixtures.

DGC is committed to long term sustainability efforts and challenges itself by actively seeking to accelerate the company's contribution to global sustainability.